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  • EN AW 6016
  • 6016 T4
  • EN AW 5182
  • 5182
  • EN AW 5018 IK
  • 5018 IK
  • EN AW 5754
  • 5754
  • Trockenschmierstoff (Hotmelt E1, PL39SX, Alub VS)
  • Korrosionsschutz√∂l(Fuchs Anticorit RP4107,)
  • Passivierung
  • Coilpassivierung
  • WWP(Walzwerkpassiviert)
  • passiviert
  • Passivierung Ti/Zr
  • EDT
  • Mill finish
  • OEM Normen Aluminium
  • Audi TL
  • BMW GS
  • Daimler DBL
  • Daimler MBN
  • Porsche PTL
  • Opel GMW



albko Automotive

Aluminum, the metal of the future for the construction of vehicles. In the future, our cars will have to become lighter. Aluminium is the right material for the cars of tomorrow.

Every kilo counts!

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We live and breath non-ferrous metals and offer our customers a wide range of products in standard and custom sizes.

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Aluminum, brass, copper and alloys are our passion. We offer services around nonferrous semi-finished products. From processing to customized logistics solutions. We develop targeted solutions for you, leaving you more time for your core processes.

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Rapidly changing markets require flexible and fast solutions.

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