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Our suppliers' products fully adhere to or exceed market quality requirements, which means you benefit from the best products available with the added advantage of a wide range of formats customised to suite your exact specifications.

Since our range is used in a diversity of advanced industries, from automotive to ship-building to space travel, we don't have the luxury of dealing in inferior products.


Aluminium a product with a future! albko can offer various commodities in different alloys and tempers as per your requirement. Our product range includes sheets, plates, roundbars, treadplate, thin sheets, stucco, slit coils, circle, circles for deep drawing applications, triangulars, profiles, etc.


albko is a competent partner for your demand in semi finished products in copper and copper alloys. We can offer a variety of products and alloys in different tempers as per your needs.

albko - a strong and reliable partner for your demand of semi finished products in brass and brass alloys CuZn37 (CW508L), CuZn39Pb (CW614N) according to EN 12449 / EN 12451 / EN 1652 or any other special alloy sheet, plate, coil, slit coil, tube, bar or profiles.

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We live and breath non-ferrous metals and offer our customers a wide range of products in standard and custom sizes.

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Aluminum, brass, copper and alloys are our passion. We offer services around nonferrous semi-finished products. From processing to customized logistics solutions. We develop targeted solutions for you, leaving you more time for your core processes.

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